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Beginner Driving Course


If you are a beginner and would like to start from the basic driving skills, then our Beginner Driving Course will be perfect for you.

  • Beginner Lessons can start immediately
  • Typically takes 6-8 weeks (2-5hrs per lesson)
  • Payment Instalment options available

Our Beginner Driving course is designed for new learners with only a small amount of driving experience, including those who started learning to drive but haven’t been behind the wheel in some time. As one of our longer driving courses, you can expect to cover practically every aspect of your driving test. Throughout your beginner driving lessons, you’ll build up confidence on the road, helping you to feel ready for your practical.

Why Choose Beginner Driving Course?

Beginner lessons are really special and very important. They are special because it signifies a change in your life which is going to bring you boundless opportunities and they are important because these first few lesson will help you pass your driving test easier.

So on your driving test you have to show the examiner you are a safe driver and that means you are in total control of the car at all times, so not stalling; coasting, crashing etc. You need to obey the Highway code, have the mentality of a safe driver and you have got to be able to pick out emerging hazards so you can avoid them or even stop them from occurring.

What we do on your beginner lesson is to “code you” in the right way, so when it comes to your driving test you are driving naturally, prepared and confident.

The right thing for you to do now is just call us and check for availability as we are very popular, so get in first by phoning now.

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