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Refresher Driving Course


If you have learnt driving before and would like to brush up your driving skills, then our Refresher Driving Course will be perfect for you.

  • Refresher Lessons can start immediately
  • Typically takes 1-2 weeks (1-2hrs per lesson)
  • Payment Instalment options available

Our Refresher Driving course is designed for new learners with only a small amount of driving experience, including those who started learning to drive but haven’t been behind the wheel in some time. As one of our longer driving courses, you can expect to cover practically every aspect of your driving test. Throughout your beginner driving lessons, you’ll build up confidence on the road, helping you to feel ready for your practical.

Why Choose Refresher Driving Course?

Refresher driving lessons are for people who have already started to learn to drive and do not requite to go over the basics as a beginner lesson would. The right thing to do would be to phone us and tell us about your driving experience so we can give you the best advice. However if you have been driving in 4th and 5th gears, facing on coming traffic then this is the minimum standard we need.

It terms of number of hours driving; if you have taken 5 hours training in the last 2 weeks, you’re probably right for part trained driving lessons. You can choose from 1-hr to 5hrs or 10hrs lessons to freshen up your skills.

The aim is for you to build on your current skills, now you may have learned them with a friend or perhaps another driving school. But we use those skills as a springboard and a foundation to help you develop all the other skills you need so you can quickly get to your driving test.

What you will find with many other driving schools in East London is you will start all over again, which is pretty much a waste of your time and money.

You can sidestep that though with out part trained lessons. Contact us today.

Choose A Package

1-Hour, 5-Hours, 10-Hours

Type of Car

Manual, Automatic

Practical Driving Test Assistance (hire a car on your test day)

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