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It's great that you are going to learn to drive and we know that you're going to have lots of things on your mind when it comes to finding the right driving school for you, so just have a browse through this webpage because you will find pretty much everything you need.

Driving lessons East London

How long does it take to pass?

The DVSA, who are the government agency for driving tests say that on average you will need 47 hours of professional tuition and 20 hours of private practice. Now that does seem a lot, and if you are interested in saving £500 or more on your driving lessons then read the next part.

Driving schools in East London

How to save over £500

If you want cheap driving lessons in East London then you may be tempted to go to a driving school in East London that is £1 or £2 cheaper overall and at best you could save around £80. However if you work through our learning schedule you can save a stack of cash. This is what to do.

- 1 -

People need 47 hours because they don't take lessons properly. They will do one hour a week or miss out weeks for different reasons. Learning to drive is not like filling a glass with water where you can come back to the glass later and continue filling it. You see you forget things and end up going over what you had have already done.

So, lets say you have one hour a week and you need 15 minutes to catch up on what you had forgotten, now do the sums, with just 40 hours of lessons, you are actually wasting 10 hours. So whatever you do take at least one 2 hour lesson a week, and try and do 2 lessons a week if you can, say every 3 or 4 days and this will minimise the loss.

This can saving you in the region of £250

- 2 -

On average, learner drivers will also take private practice, say with a parent as an example. Insurance is not cheap - far from it and with fuel, you can easily be spending an extra £30 a week. If you do that over 2 to 3 months, you are paying out around £300. But you will not need to do this if you take lessons in the way we recommend.

- 3 -

Passing your driving test first time is going to save you in the region of £300 and we are covering that in the next section.

Driving instructors in East London

How to pass first time

Every learner driver would like to know how to pass their driving test at the first attempt and we are going to share that with you right now.

On your first lesson

The driving examiner on the day of your driving test wants to know if you are a safe driver, and being a safe driver can be summarised by these points:

  • You are in control of your car at all times
  • You can spot hazards then avoid or eliminate them
  • You follow the Highway Code
  • You have the attitude of a safe driver

So now you know what the examiner is looking for, it would make sense to adopt these points right from your very first lesson, meaning that every time you learn a new driving skill you can make sure you are safe by completing those points. Therefore by the time you get to your driving test you will be driving like a natural.

Before your test

Before you go into your driving test you want to be sure you can pass it. It's all about confidence and preparation

  • Make sure you have completed the learning to drive syllabus (see blow) and you are classified as being an independent driver in every section
  • Make sure you have passed a mock test
  • Make sure that on the driving lessons in the days and weeks prior to your test, your driving instructor has not been called upon to help you

When you are at this standard not only do you have every opportunity of passing your driving test first time, but you are a very good driver with safe driving skills.

What do you have to learn?

Most learner drivers are not aware of what is required to pass the driving test, so below you will find a copy of the expectations laid out by the DVSA. Everything you will see on here is what the DVSA and their team of examiners expect you to be able to do without serious fault.

There is an awful lot to learn. It can look scary with the amount of skills you need to acquire, but we will help you and this is why we ask you to make sure you take at least 2 hours a week of lessons, 4 hours if you can. Imagine just doing one hour a week, you get nowhere other than digging a hole in your pocket.

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